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How to improve air quality for a healthy and sustainable industry?

The air we breathe is vital to our survival. Air quality in industry is especially important as it can be compromised by industrial pollutant emissions.

This phenomenon can have serious consequences for the health of workers and the work of the company. That’s why it’s important to understand the challenges related to air quality in industry, both from a human and an economic standpoint.

What are Human and Economic Challenges of Air Quality?

The air quality in your company, factory or work environment can have a negative impact on employee health, productivity, and finished products.

Production machines emit particles or gasses that pose a risk to the health of all workers. Industrial gasses can be flammable or toxic, and therefore cause major incidents in and around the working place, which can in turn have significant human and economic costs, leading to temporary or even permanent shutdowns.

Moreover, production machines can themselves be damaged by poor air quality.

How can a polluted atmosphere impact workers and productivity?

A polluted atmosphere can in the long term cause health problems for employees. Poor air quality can increase absences, illnesses and absenteeism of your employees.

This pollution can lead to many cases of respiratory diseases and cancers. It is important to note that certain gasses such as carbon monoxide are extremely dangerous and even fatal in high doses.

What are the effects of air pollution on industrial products?

In the food and chemical industries, for example, product quality depends on the air quality in production units. Overtime, airborne particles can land and settle on finished products, eventually damaging or contaminating them.

The potential extra costs of poor air quality are varied and can quickly escalate. For instance, dusty machines can lead to frequent breakdowns.

Exposure limit values (ELV) being exceeded can lead to fines and penalties for unlawful non-compliance with health and safety standards, piling up on top of production issues and costs.

Air purification in industry: what solutions to pollution problems?

To solve pollution problems in an industrial environment, one should choose an industrial-strength air purifier to ensure a higher air quality in your factory or working place.

This piece of equipment, which may even replace the HVAC / air handling unit, can ensure the highest levels of filtration for fine particles, dangerous gasses, airborne pollutants, smoke, oil mists, and  even ambient moisture.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art air purification techniques, we can guarantee the elimination of harmful airborne particles, as well bacteria and even viruses.

MonaAir technologies for a healthy and sustainable industry

Our IOP 4 system, already successfully used in the hospital environment due to its health benefits and high protection against contamination, will be your ideal partner.

UVc technologies by Photocatalysis and by Plasma create ionization, these methods presented in the Protect and Defender module, make it possible to fight against viruses and bacteria and to eliminate gasses and other external pollutants.

Integrated into the air conditioning system, they effectively neutralize particles, bacteria, viral cells, VOCs, gasses and odorous aerosols without the use of chemicals.

MonaAir takes good care of your air

Ensure air quality to improve productivity and product quality, while meeting standards. With MonaAir’s Protect and Defender7 products, you can guarantee your employees uncompromising security and offer your customers the best quality products.

The premium filters offered by MonaAir meet all your health and convenience needs, with easy installation, low maintenance and zero noise, thanks to 0 db sound power. MonaAir air purifiers are also environmentally friendly and affordable.

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