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Fields of application of MonaAir air purifiers



Homes and Offices

There are several types of pollution in homes and offices: VOCs (volatile organic compounds), heating, furniture, air conditioning, etc. Thanks to their disinfection and purification performance, MonaAir modules ensure a healthy environment on a daily basis.


Public and collective places

MonaAir modules treat the indoor air against viruses, molds and pollutants in various public structures (nurseries, schools, health establishments, cinemas, etc.). In this way, heavily populated spaces are healthy and protected.



Hotels and Restaurants

Our technological support eliminate bacteria, viruses and odors. It reduces pollution, allergens and dust.  The customers of these spaces benefit from a healthy environment and their well-being is improved.


Transport and Shops

Our compact and ergonomic devices are also used in passenger transport (trains, planes) and goods transport (refrigerated trucks). They reduce airborn viral and bacterial contamination and neutralize pollution from internal air conditioning systems.




By treating the air, our technological solution neutralizes chemical pollutants from industrial gas effluents. It also removes VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Thus the staff is protected and gain in comfortability.


Agro-food and Agriculture

Our air purification systems allow foodstuffs (fruits, vegetables, cereals) to maintain their post-harvest quality. This allows to limit degradation (growth of bacteria) during storage, without the use of chemicals.


Supports for MonaAir range


What are the advantages of MonaAir air purifiers ?

First, our air purifying solutions are natural. They are also different from those offered by conventional air purifiers, which require the filters to be replaced regularly and therefore increase the cost of the device. Besides this advantage, our devices are discreet since they are integrated into ventilation systems, so they do not take up any space in living room. In addition to their discretion, our air purification devices are low in energy consumption and contribute to lowering our carbon footprint. Finally, our devices are designed to protect everyone in their environments.

What are the differences between Defender7 and
Protect ?

Defender7 and Protect do not use the same technology to clean the air. The Defender7 uses OXP technology based on photocatalysis and the Protect uses IOP4 technology based on cold plasma.The features and their designs are different, as well as their facilities. The Defender7 is installed on VMC double flow systems and ventilation ducts. The Protect is installed on air conditioning as cassette or split, truck and refrigerated container. See the relevant product sheets of our 2 devices for more information.

Who do I contact to place an order for MonaAir devices ?

To order MonaAir devices and become a distributor of the brand, simply fill out the contact form. You can also make an appointment with a sales representative.

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The advantages of MonaAir products

Low power consumption and requires little maintenance.
Adapts and installs easily.
Certified technology
Products tested by independent laboratories.
Certified product quality
Adapted and robust materials.

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