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What if you became
a MonaAir installer ?

What if you
a MonaAir

The Advantages

Customer loyalty
Easy to install
Discount on MonaAir products*
*Discount valid under conditions, being an authorized MonaAir installer.
New systems of purification

Become a MonaAir installer

By becoming a MonaAir installer, get your MonaAir kit and benefit from advantages on the purchase of MonaAir products at your nearest distributor.

Fields of application of MonaAir air purifiers

Housing & Offices
Public & collective places
Hotels & restaurants
Hôtels & restaurants
Transports & commerces
Transport & shops
Agri-food and agriculture


What are the advantages of MonaAir air purifiers ?

First, our air purifying solutions are natural. They are also different from those offered by conventional air purifiers, which require the filters to be replaced regularly and therefore increase the cost of the device. In addition to this advantage, our devices are discreet since they are integrated into the ventilation systems. Thus, they do not take up any space in living room. In addition to their discretion, our air purification devices are low in energy consumption and contribute to lowering our carbon footprint. Finally, our devices are designed to protect everyone in their environments.

How to install Defender7 ?

1. Make the holes in the duct to install the fixing plate

2. Screw the plate and the module

3. Connect the module to the power supply.For more details refer to the Defender7 user manual.

How to install Protect ?

1. Place the module close to the air outlet so that the air flow passes over both brushes at the same time

2. Secure the module using the four hooks located at the ends of the device.

3. Connect the unit to the indoor unit with the correct voltage for the module.

For more details on the installation of the Protect, please refer to the user manual.

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