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Technology originally developed for space missions, it is now suitable for cleaning the air in your living spaces.

Filterless technology

Fine particles

OXP technology

Coupled with the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, our OXP (Photocatalytic Oxidation) technology uses UV-C light combined with catalytic material to sanitize the air and surfaces in your interior spaces. These two elements produce a chemical reaction called Photocatalytic Oxidation.

The air circulating in the duct passes through the Defender7 honeycomb structure. Under the effect of photocatalysis, the molecules in the polluted air will have their membrane dismantled, and the molecule will therefore be neutralized.
Thus, the air that arrives in the rooms is purified and allows you to enjoy a healthy and safe environment.

Effective for the purification of air and water, UV-C can be dangerous for humans if they come into direct contact. We have designed our device by isolating the UV-C lamp inside, making its rays harmless to health.

The air quality of large natural spaces in your interiors

Our goal: to protect people from continuous air pollution by recreating a natural process. Our OXP technology produces negative and positive ions that are found in large quantities in nature. Negative and positive ions are responsible for inactivating molecules harmful to health.

L'air pur n'a jamais été aussi important

The Rensair air purifier was originally developed by Henrik Hendriksen for Scandinavian hospitals, meeting strict air quality requirements. Aujourd’hui, alors que nous poursuivons notre mission consistant a fournir un air pur dans tous types d’environnements, les plus grandes entreprises mondiales font confiance au purificateur d’air Rensair.

What is UV-C ?

Also called “black light”, UV-C is short-wavelength ultraviolet light. The rays of UV-C are invisible to the naked eye because their wavelength is lower than that of visible light, but higher than that of X-rays. Thanks to their energetic power, the rays of UV-C have the ability to alter biological molecules.

Recognized by scientists, UV-C rays have been used for several decades, particularly in the medical field, for the purification of drinking water in cities or in the food industry.

They are also effective in improving air quality by eliminating allergenic particles, viruses, bacteria, fungi, odors and dust mites. Our device is safe for health because the UV lamp is isolated inside the device itself.

An effective and harmless air purifier

Air purifiers with UV lamps can produce ozone, but our modules are designed to emit very little, well below established safety thresholds.
Additionally, there are other natural sources of ozone, such as lightning during thunderstorms, sunlight, and ocean wave foam.

Proven, tested and certified technology

Tested and certified by independent laboratories, OXP technology is effective against XX.X% of polluting particles.

Staphylococcus Aureus

Aspergillus Brasiliensis

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