MonaAir, European Designer of air purifiers

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What is MonaAir ?

MonaAir is an European brand that designs and offers air purification solutions.

What sectors do MonaAir solutions apply to ?

MonaAir solutions apply and adapt for different uses and environments:

– Housing and Offices

– Public and Collective places

– Hotel and Restaurant

– Transport and Shops

– Industries

– Agri-food et agriculture

What are the advantages of MonaAir air purifiers ?

First, our air purifying solutions are natural. They are also different from those offered by conventional air purifiers, which require the filters to be replaced regularly and therefore increase the cost of the device. In addition to this advantage, our devices are discreet since they are integrated into the ventilation systems. Thus, they do not take up any space in living room. In addition to their discretion, our air purification devices are low in energy consumption and contribute to lowering our carbon footprint. Finally, our devices are designed to protect everyone in their environments.

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