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Ionization, a natural air purification and guaranteed without ozone

Fine particles

IOP4 technology

Integrated into your air conditioning system, IOP4 (Plasma Ionization) technology uses cold plasma to ionize the air. Cold plasma consists of creating an electrically energized neutral gas that will be able to decompose and eliminate unwanted particles present in the air.

The energized neutral gas contains negative and positive ions which will naturally seek to recombine with other atoms in order to stabilize. Thus, by exchanging with the molecules in the air, the ions will effectively neutralize particles, bacteria, viral cells, VOCs, gases and odorous aerosols.

Using no chemical agent, this process not only purifies the air but also enriches our environment with negative ions with a level equivalent to that found in natural spaces. Thus the living rooms are sanitized and your health takes advantage from the benefits of negative ions.

Highly efficient technology and extremely low energy consumption

Our mission : To purify large and small spaces without chemical agents and thus preserve our environment and our health.

L'air pur n'a jamais été aussi important

The Rensair air purifier was originally developed by Henrik Hendriksen for Scandinavian hospitals, meeting strict air quality requirements. Aujourd’hui, alors que nous poursuivons notre mission consistant a fournir un air pur dans tous types d’environnements, les plus grandes entreprises mondiales font confiance au purificateur d’air Rensair.

What is ionization ?

The principle of ionization consists in adding or removing charges to an electrically neutral atom or molecule. Depending on the charge they will receive, the ions will be positive or negative.
This principle was developed by Jacques Breton, member of the New York Academy of Sciences after more than 15 years of research.

Ionization exists in its natural form in the purest natural spaces. Negative ions are the most beneficial for our environment and our health. Our device produces large quantities of negative ions which will alter and inactivate the polluting particles and molecules in the air and neutralize them.

Proven, tested and certified technology

Tested and certified by independent laboratories, IOP4 technology is effective against XX.X% of polluting particles.

Staphylococcus Aureus

Aspergillus Brasiliensis

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