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purifies your air thanks to negative ions

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Discover the heart of our air purification module. For an efficient treatment of the air with complete peace of mind. Suitable for professional use, based on photocatalytic oxidation technology.


For air sanitation and disinfection, eco-friendly and 100% natural. Suitable for personal use, based on cold plasma technology.

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Tested, Approved, Certified

MonaAir has tested its air purification modules in a European and independent Eurofins laboratory. World leader in the field of analytical services and expertise in the pharmaceutical, food and environmental sectors.


The use of negative ions for air quality

Ions are particles in the air that carry an electrical charge. Ions are made up of electrons and protons. There are two categories of ions: cations which are positively charged, and anions which are negatively charged. We find negative ions in very large quantities in large natural spaces, such as in the mountains, in the forest, by the sea or near a waterfall. By breathing in very large quantities of negative ions, we experience a real feeling of well-being.

Our Mission

“Air quality is the main pillar of good health.”

We made this observation when the child of a relative had a serious health problem that forced him to stay in a sterile room. In this type of case, many means are implemented to sanitize the patient’s environment: water, food and especially the air must not contain any source of germs or pollution.


What sectors are MonaAir solutions applicable to ?

MonaAir solutions adapt to different uses and environments:

– Housing and offices

– Public and collective places

– Hotels and restaurants

– Transport and shops

– industries

– Agri-food and agriculture

What are the advantages of MonaAir air purifiers ?

First, our air purifying solutions are natural. They are also different from those offered by conventional air purifiers which require the filters to be replaced regularly and therefore increase the cost of the device. In addition to this advantage, our devices are discreet since they are integrated into the ventilation systems, so they do not take up any living space. In addition to their discretion, our air purification devices are low in energy consumption and contribute to lowering our carbon footprint. Finally, our devices are designed to protect everyone in their environments.

Is there a difference between the negative ions produced by MonaAir purifiers and those found in nature ?

The negative ions produced by our devices are chemically similar to those in nature.

Important note: our MonaAir devices mainly emit negative ions (O2-) which will improve air quality.

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