Our Mission

“Air quality is the main pillar of good health.”

We made this observation when the child of a relative had a serious health problem that forced him to stay in a sterile room. In this type of case, many means are implemented to sanitize the patient’s environment: water, food and especially the air, must not contain any source of germs or pollution.


Realizing this, the MonaAir team set out to find the most effective and natural solutions to clean the air. This solution had to be environmentally friendly, energy efficient, easy to integrate and discreet, while maintaining a high purification performance.

We spend 70% to 90% of our time indoors. Many studies demonstrate the significant degree of pollution that exists in our interiors and the impact this has on our health.

With the Covid 19 pandemic, it became urgent that indoor spaces once again become healthy and secure places in which we can stay serenely.

We were first interested in mobile purification solutions. But to keep an optimal performance of this type of device, it is necessary to buy various filters adapted to the shape and the technical capacities of the purifier. In addition, most models require regular and expensive maintenance which can be burdensome for users and not very environmentally friendly.


By deepening our research, we discovered two technologies used for a few decades to purify and disinfect the air: a technology based on photocatalysis, used in the hospital environment and for space missions, and the other based on cold plasma, also used in the medical sector.

These two processes are known to be effective against the vast majority of bacteria and viruses as well as pollution in all its forms.

After studying these purification technologies, the next step was to improve the devices. Thanks to our team, we have optimized the purification modules in order to make them safer, easily adaptable to existing installations and requiring little maintenance.

Today, our MonaAir purifiers are able to provide clean air for everyone, everywhere.