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negative ions

The benefits of negative ions

An environment rich in negative ions is only positive !

The effectiveness of negative ions is no longer to be proven. Numerous studies have updated the beneficial effects of ions on health.

Thanks to the negative ions, the oxygen penetrates better into our lungs. Thus, the body benefits from better oxygenation, which will influence cardiac function, the speed of blood flow, and the quality of sleep. They also stimulate enzymes and hormones that help strengthen the immune system.

An environment rich in negative ions also reduces serotonin levels and, with it, feelings of fatigue or mood swings. Thus, concentration and memory are improved and you benefit from a feeling of well-being.

Effective in protecting and improving health, negative ions are able to fight against different types of pollution: by spreading in the air, they prevent harmful particles (pollen, germs, volatile organic compounds from developing. Thus people suffering from asthma or allergies see their condition improve.


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      Who do I contact to install a MonaAir product ?

      To install a MonaAir product, please contact an installer via our directory available on the Individual/Company page.

      What type of MonaAir device should I have installed ?

      By contacting one of our certified installers, he will be able to assess which MonaAir sanitation device will be the most suitable for your environment.

      Are MonaAir products safe for children and pets ?

      There is no danger for children or animals. The devices have been designed to be installed in environments where children and pets do not have access. Numerous studies also show that ionized particles are harmless to their health.

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