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Silent and discreet, the Defender7 is ideal for sanitizing large rooms or several small rooms. Ergonomic, the purification module is installed in a few minutes on the existing ventilation duct. Economical, this device is equipped with an air sensor that allows it to purify the air only when the ventilation system is active.

Why choose Defender ?

Low consumption
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The Rensair air purifier was originally developed by Henrik Hendriksen for Scandinavian hospitals, meeting strict air quality requirements. Aujourd’hui, alors que nous poursuivons notre mission consistant a fournir un air pur dans tous types d’environnements, les plus grandes entreprises mondiales font confiance au purificateur d’air Rensair.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions :

25 cm x 15 cm x 9 cm

Range of use :

1500 m³ à 2000 m³/h

Purifying area :

130m2 (if regulatory flow of 15m3/hrs/m2)

Power supply :

220 - 230 V

Power consumption :

11 W

Net weight :

1050 g

Sound level :

0 dB

Colour :



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Discover our maintenance kit

Our Defender ⁷ module also comes with a maintenance kit (sold separately)
to replace the UV-C lamp and catalytic material.

Replace your air sensor

Designed to last, the air sensor of the Defender ⁷ module only needs to be replaced
approximately every two years (additional spare part sold separately).  

Our Defender ⁷ with OXP technology

Usually deployed on space missions, OXP technology is now suitable for our ventilation systems too, making our spaces healthier and safer.


What is the difference between Defender7 and
Protect ?

Defender7 and Protect do not use the same technology to clean the air. The Defender7 uses OXP technology based on photocatalysis and the Protect uses IOP4 technology based on cold plasma.


The features and their designs are different, as well as their facilities. The Defender7 is installed on VMC double flow systems and ventilation ducts. The Protect is installed on air conditioning system cassette and split, truck and refrigerated container. See Defender7 product sheet and See Protect product sheet.

On which ventilation systems can the Defender7 be applied ?

Defender7 can be installed on both ducted and dual-flow CMV systems.

Do windows and doors have to be kept closed for the Defender7 to be effective ?

To optimize the use of the device, keep the windows closed. Defender7 purifies best when rooms are not exposed to other sources of pollution. However, we advise you to open the windows in the morning and evening to ventilate the rooms, knowing that you are bringing in external sources of pollution. Once the windows are closed, the Defender7 will be able to neutralize them effectively.

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