The air ionizer : a natural purifying solution

An air ionizer is an air purifying device that generates negative ions to remove certain harmful particles in the air. It can also destroy bad smells.

What is an air ionizer?

Air ionizers are very little appreciated by French households mainly because of their aesthetics, but the trend is about to be reversed. Indeed, the number of people allergic to pollen is on the rise and it turns out that purifying the air in homes can be an excellent way to fight against these popular allergies.

In addition to cleaning the ambient air, the device also effectively fights against bacteria, certain viruses, odors as well as mold and dust mites. It is also effective against aldehydes and VOCs, famous volatile compounds found in paints, household products, furniture…
Ionization allows you to breathe clean air, as if you were at the foot of a waterfall.
It is essential to choose your ionizer according to the surface to be purified. A simple calculation (area in m² x height) will help you select the one you need.

For who ?

The ionizer (or air ionizer, an overused term) is very useful for allergy sufferers, babies, the elderly or anyone sensitive to air pollution. Indeed, this type of device has already been used for a long time in industries to filter toxic residues, in hospitals and airlines to stop viruses and bacteria. Now available for individuals, it will help you find the balance of positive and negative ions in your interiors, in order to keep them healthy for your comfort.

Remember that the air in your home has an impact on your health. Indeed, a house in which the air is of poor quality will tend to make you sick. The origin of this stale air can be varied, but for example an excess of humidity leads to the development of fungi on your walls, and you breathe in their spores without realizing it. Another possibility: people who smoke or use a lot of incense: inside, the air is weakly renewed and the microparticles circulate and infiltrate into the microbronchi.

You may not know it, but many harmful particles circulate in your home. By using an air ionizer, negative ions will be used by the device to neutralize foul particles and capture bad odors. This purification process mitigates adverse effects for people sensitive to pollens.

In addition, it is a great way to reduce the proliferation of dust mites, viruses, mold and bad odors. The air ionizer blends into your interior decoration, with a particularly neat design. It is a product that is aimed at the elderly, babies and people sensitive to allergies.